Art-in-Science competition

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The DCASS Art-in-Science Competition gives participants an opportunity to demonstrate that art and science are not distinct enterprises. The process of discovery in science and engineering parallels the artistic creative process and can give rise to images of sublime beauty.

Keynote for the 37th DCASS

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This year's featured keynote talk will be "The Wright Brothers and Flight Research." It will be presented by Mr. Albion Bowers.

Important dates

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Description Date
Priority abstract deadline 13 January 2012
Final abstract deadline 30 January 2012
Art-in-Science deadline 17 February 2012
Pre-registration deadline 17 February 2012
Symposium 6 March 2012

Green Milky Way

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This is an image taken under a Polarized Optical Microscope with crossed polarizers. A mesogenic cyanate ester resin is melted between glass slides under the microscope and after a short time turns into a nematic phase due to crosslinking and chain growth of the monomer into a thermoset. The resulting image is exhibiting a nematic Schlieren texture.

Crystal Angel Hair

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An image taken with a Polarizing Optical Microscope of a liquid crystalline polymer in the super cooled RT state. The polymer was melted into a nematic phase first, supercooled below the nematic/crystalline transition. The polymer crystallizes with the underlying texture of the nematic phase still present, leading to the hair like texture.

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