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Polymer Crystals - Sunflower Type Morphology

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These are the images of poly-amide crystals grown from solution. Crystals are seen under optical microscope (lower resolution) and Scanning electron Microscope (Higher resolution). These images are an artistic capture of polymer crystals which conveys the message: “nature loves symmetry and beauty”.

Understanding vortex formation of biolocomotion in nature

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This video is of a direct numerical simulation (DNS) of unsteady vortex formation of a dragonfly in take-off flight. The dragonfly kinematics were reconstructed from data that was collected using 3 High-Speed Cameras to record the motion in a 3-axis coordinate system.

Surprise Twist

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A video of particles passing over a plunging airfoil, modeled using a 2D unsteady vortex particle method.


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The image shows a smokefoil record of a two-dimensional detonation transitioning from a pre-detonator to a thrust tube for a pulse detonation engine. The transition was successful since the detonation re-ignited off the walls at the beginning of the thrust tube. The smokefoil record is generated by taking a pressure histogram of the transient data.

Folding Under Pressure

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Isosurfaces of static pressure with contours of entropy clearly show moving shocks and pressure waves in a stator row of a transonic compressor.

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