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MAV PIV Wall Effects

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A PIV laser illuminates the Night Vapor RC aircraft beautifully as it passes through the laser sheet. Processing this type of raw PIV image makes it possible to visualize the wingtip vortex of the aircraft as it flies in close proximity to a wall seen on the left side of the image.


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This is an image showing the phi meridonal angle on the blades of the compressor. The iso-surface displayed is of phi-meridon. The compressor is overlapped showing pressure on the blades as well as relative streamwise velocity.

Dante's Inferno

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The image is of a micro-Pulsed Plasma Thruster after being fired over 35,000 times. The thruster is made up of concentric rings of Copper and Teflon. When the thruster fires an electric arc forms over the surface, ablating and ionizing the Teflon propellant.

Pink Flowmingles

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Illustration of a Q-criterion iso-surface (vortex cores) colored by streamwise velocity component in the separated flow region of an Implicit Large Eddy Simulation of a SD7004 airfoil at low Reynolds number.

Flaming Jelly Fish

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No actual jelly fish were harmed in the production of this picture. The picture shows a sequence of four short-exposure (0.5 ms) images of an ethylene-air flame inside of a tube. The structures shown are normally integrated by the human eye and perceived as a continuous flame.

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