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This content is associated with the Dayton-Cincinnati Aerospace Sciences Symposium.

Flower Powered Hypersonic Inlet with Bleed Perforations

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Mach (top) and pressure (bottom) contours for axisymmetric Busemann inlet with evenly spaced bleed perforations along length of inlet. Images show changes in Mach and pressure contours as a function of inlet length ranging from inlet start (left) and inlet throat (right). Contours were produced via Cart 3D, an inviscid code for automated CFD.

CT Slice of Cooled Turbine Blisk

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Image is one slice image from a highpower CT machine of a cooled turbine blisk casting manufactured by Williams International. CT imaging was done to inspect the passageways for blockages, anomalies, and to measure minimum wall thicknesses. Image was purposely distorted for visual effect.

Crystal in a Haystack

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This image was taken on the scanning electronic microscope (SEM). It is of a pre-ceramic material that has begun to crystallize upon pyrolysis. The loan crystal is shown amidst the amorphous material.

38th Dayton-Cincinnati Aerospace Sciences Symposium

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The AIAA Dayton-Cincinnati Aerospace Sciences Symposium is a unique venue for technical interchange with members of the regional aerospace community. The event is organized and sponsored by the Executive Council of the AIAA Dayton-Cincinnati Section, and co-sponsored by several local organizations.

Art-in-Science competition

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The DCASS Art-in-Science Competition gives participants an opportunity to demonstrate that art and science are not distinct enterprises. The process of discovery in science and engineering parallels the artistic creative process and can give rise to images of sublime beauty.

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