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This content is associated with the Dayton-Cincinnati Aerospace Sciences Symposium.

A Naturally Micro Flyer

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This prototype flapping wing micro air vehicle is the first of its kind, because of its ability to flap each wing independently. This vehicle, designed and built by the artists, was used to test flight control algorithms for hovering flight. Fabricated from advanced composite materials, it has a wing span of 8 centimeters, weighs less than a gram and is powered by piezo-electric crystal actuators.

What Did One Metroid Say To the Other?

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This image was created during some work with Laser Peening (LP) simulations to determine the critical distance between two LP shots. Metroids were the jellyfish-like monsters from a Nintendo video game from the 80's. The mesh from the FEA really gives it that 8-bit retro game feel. Based on their colors in the image, these two Metroids looks as though they may be ready to attack!

Hough Transform

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The Hough (pronounced "huff") transform is used to identify lines in digital images. Here, a black-to-white colormap portrays increasing support for lines in a digital image taken with a camera aboard a small, indoor, hovering air vehicle. Information from the camera can be combined with inertial data to produce a long-term stable estimate of vehicle attitude.


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An arc forms as the dielectric fails during an atmospheric pressure, wire-to-plate dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) in air. DBDs form the basis of plasma actuators, which are an emerging technology for controlling low-speed flows.


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Multiple exposures of an atmospheric pressure, wire-to-plate dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) in air. DBDs may look homogeneous when viewed in real-time. However, they consist of many individual micro-discharges.

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