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Dante's Inferno

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The image is of a micro-Pulsed Plasma Thruster after being fired over 35,000 times. The thruster is made up of concentric rings of Copper and Teflon. When the thruster fires an electric arc forms over the surface, ablating and ionizing the Teflon propellant.

Detonation flame fronts from pulse detonation engine - 10 microseconds

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Blue diagonal streaks are the transverse waves that create the cellular structure of a detonation. Heat release rate/m2 is ~ 80 times greater than surface of sun.

Flames and boundaries

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High speed digital photography was used to capture the turbulent flame structures in a bluff-body stabilized flame.

Folding Under Pressure

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Isosurfaces of static pressure with contours of entropy clearly show moving shocks and pressure waves in a stator row of a transonic compressor.

Soot Spirals

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The photograph highlights soot formation and transport in a laminar, bluff-body-stabilized flame. The flame is stabilized on a centerbody where ethylene fuel flows from a jet at the center, and reacts with the air that flows around the edge of the centerbody.

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