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This is an image showing the phi meridonal angle on the blades of the compressor. The iso-surface displayed is of phi-meridon. The compressor is overlapped showing pressure on the blades as well as relative streamwise velocity.

Detonation flame fronts from pulse detonation engine - 10 microseconds

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Blue diagonal streaks are the transverse waves that create the cellular structure of a detonation. Heat release rate/m2 is ~ 80 times greater than surface of sun.

Flames and boundaries

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High speed digital photography was used to capture the turbulent flame structures in a bluff-body stabilized flame.

Folding Under Pressure

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Isosurfaces of static pressure with contours of entropy clearly show moving shocks and pressure waves in a stator row of a transonic compressor.

Soot Spirals

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The photograph highlights soot formation and transport in a laminar, bluff-body-stabilized flame. The flame is stabilized on a centerbody where ethylene fuel flows from a jet at the center, and reacts with the air that flows around the edge of the centerbody.

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